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Mentoring Program

AFP WNC members can learn one-on-one from volunteer mentors about specific areas of interest, or give back by serving as a mentor, through our Mentoring Program.

Recognizing that as members we have experience in areas of development/fundraising and want to share that with one another in a defined, outcome-based process. The program, supported by volunteer Mentors, encourages Mentees to continually develop skills and new alliances where necessary to achieve organizational and personal goals and objectives. It offers a setting where the Mentee can receive seasoned support from a Mentor.

Mentoring can be valuable to the executive director in a new position or to a senior staff member with new goals and objectives. The process can ensure that the Mentee develops healthy skills and does not develop a dependency on the coaching/mentor process or the Mentor.

Mentor partnerships vary in length of time, sometimes from 6 weeks to 6 months.

Learn more by contacting Mentoring Chair, Sharon Owen at